Friday, 1 March 2013

Care Package

Yesterday was the last day of summer here in Australia and it was also the last day of A Month at Home. Yesterday's theme was packaged. Well I didn't receive or send any packages yesterday so I've come up with something different.

I've seen through movies and TV shows care packages. Usually received when someone lives away from home, or at camps or college/uni, those kind of things. We usually send my brother in England one every now and then. Every Christmas we fill it with presents, Aussie decorations, his favourites lollies, photo cds, fun things. He loves getting them in the post.

So I started thinking what would I like to receive if I got sent a care package. The photo below is some things I found round the house but it gives you the idea.

I would like to receive some magazines, a pretty notebook and pen, a nice mug with some tea and hot chocolate, a small bit of chocolate as well. some wool (now that I'm getting the hang of crochet), pretty nail polish, hand cream and something just for fun.

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