Sunday, 3 March 2013

Colour - Melted Crayon Art DIY

What do you do on a rainy Saturday afternoon? You melt crayons of course.

Melted crayon art. I've this a couple times now on the Internet and have wanted to give it ago. I found some instructions on the Instructables website.

I used almost 2 full boxes of crayons for this project and a plain white canvas. I first had to unwrap all the crayons and then using a hot glue gun, glue them to the canvas along the top. Once dry I started out with a hair dryer on low setting but it wasn't working right and was splattering, so I got out my heat gun and it worked wonders.

It didn't take long at all for the crayons to start melting and dripping down the canvas. When I had finished melting, the crayons were layered up on each other so the art work has a slightly raised/3D affect to it. It was so much fun to do and has got me inspired to see what else I could achieve with melted crayons.

Tools of the trade (I did change from the hair dryer to heat gun)
All the wrappings

Ready to be glued down

Glued and ready to be melted

Melting has started (MJ took this one for me)

More melting (MJ also took this one)

The final product - pretty cool I think - plus it's slightly raised up too

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