Sunday, 31 March 2013

Easter Show

Yesterday MJ and I headed out to the Easter Show. I love the Easter Show, I've been going every year since it moved to Homebush in 1998. I'm not sure why I love it so much but every time I go I have a ball.

This year was no exception, I had so much fun with MJ. The crowds did start to wear on me by the end of the day but it didn't ruin our time there but it was becoming hard work to get through.

I bought myself an Angry Birds beanie hat and also one for my nephew as a birthday present. I also bought a Chupa Chups bag for my nephew as he asked me to bring him home the biggest showbag there, well it wasn't really the biggest showbag but shhhhh he doesn't have to know (it was only $4 but came with 18 lollipops and a flying disk).

My photo I entered didn't win anything but my mum won first prize for her handcrafted bag (lucky thing). 

It was a wonderful day out and now start saving again for next year.

Amazing cakes

Can't believe that is cake

Love the woodchopping

My photo right under the light - great spot

My mum's with here first place ribbon

The line to get into the showbags

My nephew's show bag

My awesome new beanie hat - very happy

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