Friday, 29 March 2013

Food - I don't want to think about it

Food - I don't want to think about it anymore - ah!!!!!

I've been thinking so much about food lately I'm sick of it. I've been seeing a Natropath to try and feel more 100% and help me with my sleeping too. She's really good and she's also a fertility specialist as well, and since this year is the year for children. So due to all that she is revolutionising my food habits - what I can and cannot eat. Oh wow talk about information overload. Anyway long story short I need to start eating by my blood type (mine is A) and one of the biggest changes is less meat and more vegetarian meals.

We have a local organic shop just up the road from us so I headed up there yesterday to see what I could find. Well I found a few nice things and I think I'll be heading up there most weeks. I was mainly excited about the Rye Bread (wheat free) and Soy Yoghurt (they also sold sheeps and goats yoghurt too). Exciting!!!!


  1. Going veggie is great, and not as hard as you think. Best thing I ever did!

    1. I'm struggling with the flavours I've tried some recipes and haven't really liked them yet. Hoping next week will be good with the MeatFree cookbook.


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