Thursday, 28 March 2013

Habits - the good, the bad and the ugly

We all have habits - eating breakfast, brushing our teeth, checking Facebook. Some of are good like: having a banana with breakfast in the morning, feeding the cat. Some are bad like: checking Facebook all the time, being late. Then there is the ugly: like chewing your toe nails (yuck!!!)

I have a few strange habits like:
  • When I eat a milky way I like to pull all the chocolate off the outside and eat it first and then roll up the centre into a ball and eat it.
  • I like my cds sorted into alphabetical order by artist and then into years released.
  • Talking to myself in long car trips so I don't get lonely. 
  • Taking photos of food when I'm out. 
  • No matter where I am if I see a power-board with a switch on and nothing plugged in it I have to turn it off. 
  • When I'm not feeling well always asking myself several times aloud "Are you ok?" when I know I am not. 
What are you strange habits? Do share please. 

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