Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Place of Inspriation

A place where I feel inspiration is being surrounded by books, so I feel right at home in a library. Libraries are so full of information, stories, history, adventures, anything you can imagine and more, is located inside the pages of a book.

I love books, they offer me something nothing else can. I can slip away into a book and into silence and be alone and imagine other worlds and situations, or I can learn about other cultures, weather patterns, a period in history, a new craft all in the grasp of my hand. It’s amazing what books can give to you, yes I know there is the internet and Kindles now, but there is nothing quite like holding a book, turning the pages, and getting away from a screen and technology for just a little while. 

Munich Law Library

(Picture from here. Visit Reading Addicts Facebook page - awesome)

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