Sunday, 17 March 2013

Thai Cocunut Tofu & Vegan Chocolate pudding

Friday night I set myself a cooking challenge: Cook vegan, yes vegan not just vegetarian but vegan. It wasn't as hard to find something as I thought thank you to trusty Google I was able to find something pretty quick.

For the main course we had Thai Coconut Tofu. It wasn't too bad actually, the flavour of the peanut butter was awesome but I didn't really like the feel of the tofu between my teeth it was too squeeshy for my liking. I did have to laugh cause MJ turned to me and goes "You know what would taste great in this dish - chicken", I was thinking the same thing - sorry vegans out there. But I'm glad I gave it ago and attempted something completely different. I wish I could like tofu but still haven't found the right dish yet.

For the dessert which was the hero of the night a Vegan Chocolate Pudding. It was really just a dairy-free pudding but oh so yummy. I changed it up a bit and added crushed nuts to the top and that just set it right off. So thick and creamy, our serves were a little too big but that was ok as we had leftovers to eat on Saturday. Yum yum. I know I'll make that one again any time.


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