Friday, 8 March 2013

Words cannot describe....

Words cannot describe how upset I was last night when I went to locate my paperwork for my Easter Show photo entry only to discover said paperwork was missing and nowhere to be seen in the house.

We searched high and low, in every cupboard and bookcase, not just once or twice but many a time, still no paperwork. I was distraught, how was going to be able to put my photo in if I didn't have the right papers.

Today I called up the Royal Agricultural Show to see what could be done as I had to deliver my photo today and of course they were all so busy, which is understandable. So I just had to head over there with mum (who was putting in a beautiful crafted bag) and just ask in person.

Thankfully they were able to help me and just re-printed off some new paperwork but not after me almost have a heart attack and being so nervous I was shaking and felt like throwing up.

The moral to this, is next time I will guard that paperwork like a fox!!!

The photo I have entered

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