Sunday, 14 April 2013

Don Quixote

Last night I saw the ballet 'Don Quixote' at the Sydney Opera House. The dancing and costumes were superb. I love going to the ballet and seeing the amazing talent people have plus the outfits are stunning.

We had different seats this time, as we had to change our night due to a party last weekend. I was a little disappointed cause since it was a different angle we missed out on some of the dancing action on stage. After the first section I felt deflated as I couldn't see much on the stage but thankfully I could see more during the second and third section of the show (there were two 20 minute intervals). I'll be grateful for my normal seats next time.

The Australian Ballet is well worth going to see, just amazing talent.

Image found here
My program (the ballet reminds me of Neon Pink)

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