Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Lentil Burgers

Sunday night was the last night of my meatless dinner week challenge, so I went out with something fun - Lentil Burgers.

I've never had lentil burgers before and I was quite surprised at how yummy they were. While I was making them I was expecting them to taste quite crappy but I was wrong. I had mine with salad to cut out the wheat and MJ had his burger style with the buns and the lot, even he quite enjoyed them and went back for more.

This meatless challenge as taught me a few new recipes and also shown me there are some nice vegetarian dishes and not so nice ones too. I'll differently keep trying different vegetarian dishes but I'm still going to enjoy my meat when I do have it - best of both worlds.

I can use this photo as my brown picture.

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