Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Pumpkin and Tofu Laksa

Last night I gave myself ago a making a laksa - a vegetarian one too "Pumpkin and Tofu". Something I've never eaten let alone cook. The cooking process with quite fun but I wasn't really happy with the taste. I found the flavours quite strong and it was so filling I barely ate anything before I was too full. Plus I found the fresh coriander very sharp in my mouth. I was very disappointed as I was really looking forward to it and thought I'd enjoy it.

This vegetarian cooking isn't going so well so far. Let's hope next week my meatless dinner week challenge will go better and I'll have some food to enjoy. So far I'm hungry for a steak. Ha ha!!!!

I did find out a very interesting fact today that pumpkins are related to melons.

Nice fresh ingredients

Did turn out to look quite nice - just like a magazine shoot. Very happy - MJ took this photo

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