Sunday, 7 April 2013

Saturday Fruit Markets

Yesterday morning I decided to try out the farmers markets a few suburbs away for fruit and veg shopping. Since I've been told to eat more like a vegetarian and the fruit shops are getting more expensive, I need to find ways of saving money.

Wow I did save money. I got 4 limes for $1, 5 avocados for $5, 8 apples for $2.40, 2 cucumbers for $1, 2 big bags of grapes $6. Everything you see below was only $30. Wow - how good is that.

I'll be going there every week now, the only downside is you need to get there when it opens 8am - which isn't that early but I did like lying in on a Saturday morning.

I'm looking forward to next Saturdays visit as it will be to get all the yummy produce for my meatless dinner week challenge. Yeah!!!!!

Note: Not that this is really Teal but it's the closet I could find.

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