Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Silver Lining

No matter how bad the day is, I believe there is always a silver lining, always something to be grateful for.

Today after a tiring day and tiring work week (I know it's only Wednesday but it was my last day for the week) I managed to somehow find a few silver linings in my day.

1. Coming home and sitting on the couch to watch Revenge from my Foxtel planner with no ads.

2. Lovely warm shower and then cozying up in my fluffy white dressing gown.

3. Nice cuddles from Mischa while watching telly.

4. Leftovers for dinner.

It can be hard to do some days when you feel just plain out of it but it's totally worth finding some silver lining in your day.

Did you find one in your day today? 

Photo taken by my mother when she went to New Zealand in March

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