Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Spring Vegetable Stew

Last night marked the beginning of Meatless Dinner Week Challenge (which sadly has been narrowed down to only 4 nights this week instead of 6 nights due to other happenings in life) so I started the week off with a Spring Vegetable Stew.

It wasn't too bad really, it was just boiled vegetables with some vegetable stock, but it was ok. There was plenty of leftovers so that's got lunches covered for a few days.

At least the tastes are getting better and not worse. I have started to notice a difference being on this new blood type diet - I can't quite pin point how I feel different but I just seem too (which is an excellent thing). I will admit though I am looking forward to my roast chicken dinner at the end of this challenge (that's my new reward plus chicken is on my ok to eat list).

There is some lime colour in there :)

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