Saturday, 13 April 2013

White - stands for innocence?

I've always heard that the colour white symbolises purity and innocence, properly why brides get married in white, most christenings gowns are white. All represent purity and innocence. 
Well I'm sorry to say but not everything that is white symbolises innocence sometimes things that are white can be anything but pure or innocence or sweet they can be sometime simply be a BRAT!!!!

Cautious the image below might look sweet enough but it comes with a warning - this thing will wake you up at 3am cause it's hungry or because it wants warmth under the blankets, it will cry when it does a poo just to let you know (cause you really wanted to know), it will cry cause it's bored, it will cry cause it's cold or hungry or just for no reason whatsoever but just to tick you off. I'll have to admit when it's nicely curled up like this in the sun your heart does melt. 

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