Tuesday, 7 May 2013

7 days of good things

Yesterday I showed you the new Month of, today I'm sharing with you the first 7 days of good things.

Day One: Book

I bought this book on sale last year, I love the drawings in it, so stunning.

Day Two: Snack

This is a new snack I tried from Donna Hay in one of my cookbooks. Chocolate Wontons - Yummy

Day Three: Garden

Over the weekend we got out into our garden and gave it a darn good weed, it looks so much better for it and we got to spend time out in the sun together having fun.

Day Four: Film

I got these two Disney movies the other day for only $2.20. Thanks to collecting enough Disney Rewards points.

Day Five: Flower

I took this photo a few years back but it always makes me smile and smiling is a good thing.

Day Six: View

I wish I was back in Nice.

Day Seven: Recipe

This is one of my favourite stand by recipes, love it so much - Chilli Con Carne.


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