Tuesday, 14 May 2013

A Week of Good Things

It’s that time again to catch up with the Creative Month of Good Things.
On Friday I got to have a nice rest day at home. I spent it in my craft room working on my sugar paste flowers for mum’s Mother’s Day cake. It was such a good thing to have the day at home to rest and feel the peace and quiet around me. I really do need to do more of those days for my health and sanity.
Walking is such a good thing to do, it helps gets you outside and away from computers, artificial light and just plain house and work distractions. We have walk breaks here at my job, we all look forward to them. It’s wonderful to stop typing and walk outside (even in the cold) and chat away to each other.
Sometimes I wonder if these are good things, especially when you come home and find they have thrown up all over the good dining room chairs or they constantly scratch the carpet even though you have repeatedly told them off and sprayed them with water. Or they trip you over so they can get you to feed them or they cry and cry once again so you will feed them. But when you are in bed and certain little kitty cat comes up and snuggles under the blanket with you and starts purring away it seems all is forgiven and they remind you that yes they are a good thing after all. 
I’ve always got ideas running around in my head, I only had a big one the other week (see post here) well another big one has struck me and this time I think it’s gold and the right one. I’m not quite going to share it yet as I just want to run it around and dream in my head for a few more days and pray about it and see it is the right idea for me. Once I’ve decided you’ll be the first to know as I’m getting quite excited over it.
It’s always good to have a drink or otherwise you would get dehydrated. My favourite drink of choice is just plain old water. During summer I love to drink it cold out of the fridge but in winter I can’t stand it from the fridge and mainly just straight from the tap. I do love to make myself smoothies when I get the chance and love having strawberry ones with almond milk (I tried it the other month since the milk was on special and it tasted awesome) and it really makes me feel good to be drinking something so yummy that’s is actually good for you too. What do you like to drink that makes you feel good?
Have good things been happening to you? If so please share.

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