Monday, 13 May 2013

Happy Mother's Day

Yesterday was Mother's Day and it was a long and hectic day. It was still nice to get to spend some time with both MJ's mum and family and my mum and family. What made it so hectic was trying to fit that all in one day.

MJ's family went to the club for lunch - oh my gosh - everyone had the same idea. We joined the line for the all you can buffet at 12:40pm and we got to sit and eat at 2:20pm. It was madness, plus it didn't help that once we got in there the food was disgusting. None of it even looked like food. I ended up eating mostly desserts as it was the only thing that looked and tasted edible, which in turn sent me over the edge with my sugar levels, I'm still battling with it today. But besides all that, MJ's mum was happy and that's all that counts and she loved having everyone there.

Night time was my mum's turn and it was a beautiful baked dinner, not that I really felt up to eating. I decorated mum's cake and she loved it. It's my first time making flowers out of sugar paste and to me they didn't really turn out like roses but they did look like flowers so I was proud that I managed to pull something off.

I am thinking that maybe next year we might need to have Mother's Day over two days as I'm still recovering today - oh feel so sick. But it was a nice day and it was wonderful to spend it with family.


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