Thursday, 23 May 2013

Many a good thing......

Well it's that time again, a celebration of the good things. Are there good things in your life? Please share what are they?


It's always good to give yourself a little treat every now and again. If I could treat myself to something it would be this:

I love this outfit, it's so pretty and girly. I found this on ModCloth Facebook page. 


Everyone needs a companion of some kind, they can be either of the 2 legged kind or even the 4 legged kind. I know my grandmother loved having her little dog as a companion. I'm lucky I've got a few companions, my husband, my mother, my good friend. All who I get to see face to face but I do have companions I don't get to see face to face, the many blogs I read and sharing with them through their life and my brother overseas through Facebook messages. Where would we be without companionship?


I love china - the crockery that is (I might like China the country I've just never been there). China is so pretty and delicate.

Here is a photo of one of my grandmother pieces of china. It had been broken and pieced back together - Granny always did that as nothing ever got thrown out with her.  

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