Thursday, 30 May 2013

Story Time

It's story time - well sort of. Last Saturday my mum and I went to a wonderful morning tea for women that a friend of mine runs through her church. This is the second one she's put on now, a guest speaker comes along and we all share morning tea together while listening to a wonderful message.

This time the guest speaker was Cecily Paterson who is a writer and editor. She was talking to us about "Your life in a story". I found her very interesting to listen to and I want to share a few things I learnt.

Every story has four Cs:
- Character "What does the character want?"
- Conflict "What gets in the character's way?"
- Congratulations "Conflict resolved"
- Change "How does the character change?"

Our life is like any other story and has these four Cs in them. We are the character, we face conflict, we can over come conflict, how do we change. So our life is a story and the way we face and resolve conflict reflects on how we change and helps makes for a more meaningful life

The other point I really liked was: Your dreams are proportionate to who you are. Your dreams are big to you.

One last point: We are supporting actors (sub-plots) in the bigger picture of the world, we are not the main character. We are part of a broken world, God is the main character waiting for us to reach out to Him.

I really felt like I got a lot out of the day, we also got a little gift each to take home (see picture below).

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