Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Colourful Holidays

School holidays start this weekend here in Sydney, not that means much in our household, other than traffic is a little bit quieter getting to work.

I loved school holidays when I was a kid. Most of them we would go away camping, all of us (Mum, dad and us 4 kids) sometimes Granny and Poppy would come along too. They were always fun, yes they were very colourful holidays.

We would go on picnics, fishing (sometimes eel fishing too), Poppy would show us how to make a rock float (yes there is a particular rock that can float), beaches, rock pools, gold panning, snow, bike riding all day long till you butt was numb, annoying fire ants, making friends with the other kids in the caravan park, boiled eel with butter for breakfast (if we had caught any), card games at night, watching dad lose rummy to a 6 year old (me), long car trips with lollies, eye spy and number plate games. Plus rain, we always seemed to bring the rain, but they were still fun, but I certainly don't miss the pee bucket (for night time bathroom trips).

It was great time to grow up, no tv, no internet, no smart phones etc. Just family, books, card games and outings.

I look forward to taking my kids camping one day and hope we can have just as much fun but without the pee bucket.

What's your favourite holiday memories?

I think next time I might like to camp out like this (image found at Recreative Blog)

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