Thursday, 13 June 2013

Oh Mother - sick

My poor mother - I was meant to go and help her today with my little niece but she's so choked up with a cold that she sounds more like a man than woman. I started to give her some advice on how to help that throat of hers (just like she does when I get sick) - I told her to sip Camomile, Vanilla and Honey tea - oh so soothing for your throat.

While talking with her it got me remembering the times when I was little and how she looked after me when I was sick. I remember she would move the recliner to the back door so it sat in the sun all day, I got the remote control for the day (one of the best parts), Ski Double Up yoghurt to eat for my sore throat (I still can only eat these when I'm sick as I just associate them with being sick - they are so yummy), ginger tea (fresh ginger with boiling water) to sip and Olbas Oil rubbed all over me. My mum would take such good care of me and I feel lost not being able to help her as she didn't want me to come over so I won't get sick - very sternly told not to come.

What did your mum do when you were sick? What remedies do you use now?  

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