Friday, 28 June 2013

The Meaning of Friendship

Today’s theme is Friendship. What is friendship?
To me there are many different kinds of friendship. It can be that person you go shopping with or see movies or go out to lunch. It can be that person at work you walk with during breaks and chat about so many random things. It can be your family that you hang out with and run to when times get tough and share life with. It can be the jokes you share with your husband and being able to share things with you can’t tell anyone else. It can be play times you have with your niece and nephew where no one and no problem exists expect them right now. It can be the blogs you follow and the stories you read and feel like you are part of someone else world.
I’ve got a number of different friendships in my life, all the above are examples from my life. I’ve got one friend I go on day trips with and shopping, 2 friends I catch up with for coffee every now and then, work ladies to chat to during the work hours, my family, my husband, my sweet little niece and nephew and blogs that I love to read and comment on. I’ve only just started to realise lately that I actually do have friends, ok maybe they are not the way I thought they should be or have the ones I can ring crying (expect family and husband) or go out with all the time or be my bff (well besides my mum and MJ) but they are my friends. They are people that I am walking this journey of life with and they are great bunch of people, even if most of them a bit mad (maybe that’s why we get along – ha ha)
What does friendship mean to you? What do you think embodies friendship? Please share I’d love to hear more.

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