Monday, 8 July 2013

Books, books, books and more books

Hi all, how are we? This month's creative challenge is all about books - hooray!!!! I love books, they are always there for you, ready to take you on an adventure day or night.

The list is:

I'm going to be posting once a week on a Sunday (it was meant to be yesterday but I was late) this month with my prompts. Please join in and comment what your choices would be.

So here we go for the first week.

1. Classic - "The Great Gatsby"

I went and saw the movie the other week, I didn't know anything about it or what it would be like. I think I enjoyed it, it's really a movie you watch and then think about more later. I want to read the book so that I can see what the differences are between film and book. I've borrowed the audio book from the library so I can listen to it at work.

The Great Gatsby (2013) Poster  (image from here)

2. Childhood - "The Jolly Pocket Postman"

I loved these books as a kid, I never actually owned them when I was little it wasn't till I was older and in my 20s before I actually got to own them myself. I was so excited when I bought them, it was like being a kid again, I still read them every now and then, I love opening up the letters.

3. Re-read - "The Luxe" series

I would love to re-read this series, I only got 2 books into it and got distracted so I really want to go back to them. If you like Gossip Girl, it's like that but back before the turn of the 1900s. Oh the scandals.

4. New - "Invisible"

I got to hear the author Cecily Paterson speak just recently and I bought her new book. I'm looking forward to reading a new book by an new author.

5. Coveted - Stephanie Alexander "The Kitchen Companion"

I would love to own this cookbook but just at the moment it's a wee bit too expensive (near $100) but one day it will be mine. I can get the English version quite cheap but I want the Australia version as it's got all the Australian seasons etc.

(Image from here)

6. Design - Shirley Barber's books

As a child I love Shirley Barber's books, the pictures were just stunning. I always loved her designs.


7. Long - "Lord of the Rings"

I've read both The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings when the very first Lord of the Rings movie came out but I wouldn't mind reading them again now that I'm a bit older, I might get more out of them. A timeless classic but very long.

The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring (2001) Poster (image here)

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