Wednesday, 24 July 2013

The Baby that stopped the nation

The royal baby has been born – if you didn’t know, where do you live cause there must be no TV, no radio, no newspapers or internet (if there’s no internet then you couldn’t even be reading this – ha ha!). Anyway we have a new little prince in the world. Still waiting for a name, I hope they call the little boy what they want and not be pressured to call it what is expected.

The nation of England has been waiting for this, wait let me rephrase that the world has been waiting, watching and talking about this. Just imagine with me for a second, you are Kate and 90% of the world’s population knows you have morning sickness, knows you are pregnant, knows you are overdue, knows you are in labour – wow talk about pressure – talk about hoping that nothing goes wrong cause you won’t be allowed to suffer alone. Thank God nothing did go wrong, but you have the nation outside the hospital waiting for the first glimpse – yes he is so so cute – all babies are.

I know the birth has been all over the news etc but I actually don’t mind. It’s so refreshing to have happy news all over the TV, papers, internet etc instead of horror after horror. Yes we do need to informed about theses too but it’s just a nice break to have wonderful events broadcast too.

It’s fascinating how the whole world can be interested in 2 people so intently to the point where even what Kate wore upon leaving the hospital had the designers website crashed with demand. Blows my mind, everything from what they eat to what they wear and where they go is documented for the world to see. Pretty intense, but I think they can handle it, they both seem pretty level headed and grounded people, plus William has survived the drama that surrounded his mother’s death, he can survive anything.

So I’d like to raise a toast to the new parents and pass on my congratulations and wish them all the best on this massive new journey they are about to embark on – To Will and Kate – Good luck, we will be watching!!!!

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