Thursday, 15 August 2013

7 Days of Happy

The month of happy challenge has been going great, it's been wonderful to reflect of the happier things of life, even among all the negativity that is out there in the world today.

Here are last weeks 7 days of happy. Let me know what you have chosen for each theme please.

Day 5 - Treat

These munchy muesli cookies are a yummy treat that make my tummy happy without an upset - yeah!!!!

Day 6 - Girl

My little kitty girl always makes me happy - even more so when she's sleeping peacefully.

Day 7 - Boy 

Well I'm going to say boys - these two boys light up my life and bring me so much happiness. My husband and my little nephew.

Day 8 - Read

Inspirational quotes. They just make me smile, especially funny ones like this.

Day 9 - Colour 

PINK!!!!!!!! One of the happiest colours out there!!!!!

(can't remember where I got image from been on my Ipad for ages)

Day 10 - Condiment

Can I count the buttercream tomato sauce on this cheeseburger cupcake?
Oh please can I as it was ever so nice!

Day 11 - Movie

The Little Mermaid - no more needs to be said

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