Sunday, 11 August 2013

Birthday Party Cooking

Wow what a day, today was MJ's 29th birthday so we had a family BBQ to celebrate. Full on day of fun, so now I've got my feet up and resting.

I'll share the day over 2 posts, I'll first share yesterday - the 11 hour baking and decorating marathon. I started baking at 10am and turned the oven off at 4pm but didn't stop decorating till 9pm at night, but it was worth it, to see the smile on MJ's face when he saw his Sydney FC cake was priceless.

August is a very busy birthday month in our family, on my side there is my brother's on the 2nd and his girlfriend's on the 7th and then on MJ's side - his is the 11th, his dad's the 12th, his cousin's the 13th and then his brother's girlfriend's on the 19th. So wow lots of birthdays and I wanted to make sure everyone felt included so there were 4 birthday cakes today to cover MJ's side of the family. My brother's we celebrated last week.

We had dairy free Star Wars cookies, dairy free chocolate Candy Crush cupcakes (MJ's brother's girlfriend's - a huge candy crush fan), Cheeseburger cupcakes (his cousin), Tour De France cake (for his dad) and a Sydney FC cake (for MJ). They all went down a treat - awesome.

The cheeseburger cupcakes were found via this Youtube channel here (so many awesome cake ideas there) and the others I made up out of my head. 

I bought the Star Wars cookies cutters at my local cake decorating shop. But I've seen them on Ebay before too (check here).


So much washing up

Mmmmmmm Cheeseburgers - oh so good

Sydney FC Cake

Mmmm Good these cookies are - Yoda

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