Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Birthday Party - Part Two

Today is part two of MJ's birthday party (see part one here).

It was a beautiful Sydney day with clear blue and wonderful temps just perfect for a family BBQ. I love having both mine and MJ's families over to celebrate birthdays.

MJ really enjoyed his party and didn't mind sharing it with his dad, cousin and brother's girlfriend.

We started the day off getting presents from me. I bought him a Star Trek Klingon Bird of Prey model, Angry Birds T-Shirt and Big Bang Theory Season 5 DVD.

We started setting up for the party, I went with a bit of a blue theme and bought blue balloons, blue napkins, blue streamers and a blue bunting. Plus the best of all a soccer ball pinata full of Freddo Frogs and bouncy balls - which went flying through the backyard once the ball was cracked open.

Our sweet little 4 year old nephew bought his uncle Angry Birds slippers cause he thought Uncle MJ would like them - which he did.

We had so much food but thankfully a lot got eaten and people took some of it home to for lunches.

Everyone loved the cakes and cheeseburger ones seem to be the winner. 

The pinata got smashed to bits.

The main birthday cakes were loved by all.

Everyone was so tired by the end from all the fun and laughter. Can't wait for the next family get together, we need to do them more often.


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    1. Yes I did on the Saturday :) it was so much fun!


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