Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Here's to another 7 days of happy!!!!

It's that time again - happy challenge catch up time.

Please tell me what you would choose for each theme, I'd love to hear your comments.

12. Flower

This was my wedding cake, I loved it, my mum made it for me. So bright and colourful, a very happy day that was.

13. Hairdo

My hair is dead straight, it doesn't hold hairdos very well at all, they just fall flat out again in seconds. But if I could have an awesome hairdo I'd want this one (image found here)

14. Creation

Creation is a marvelous thing, all the wildlife and landscapes and just so many pretty things to see. I had so much fun years ago when I went to Scotland and took way too many photos of squirrels (I'd never seen one so they fascinated me).

15. Walk

While on the subject of overseas, we walked everywhere and took many trails around gardens, castles, churches etc and saw so many wonderful things. It was happy memory our big trip (can't believe it was back in 2010). One of the best walks I did was up the Eiffel Tower.

16. House

Doesn't this adorable tree house just make you smile? I know it makes me smile, I'd love to live in it. Not sure where the original image is from but I found it here.

tree house

17. Holiday

I love going on holidays, they are one of the best things in life, getting away from the norm and just plain having fun. I thought since I've shared some other overseas photos from years ago I thought I'd continue the trend and share another one now.

This photo makes me laugh whenever I see it, it was a freezing cold day in Scotland and I forced poor MJ down to Loch Ness riverbank so I could prove the Loch Ness monster did exist. See my photo is proof that he was there.

18. Childhood

As a child I loved dressing up and I still do, here I am dressed in my Suzie Snowflake outfit when I was doing ballet. I loved this outfit especially the muff, I cried when I had to give it away to another ballet girl.

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