Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Missing in Action and Cumquat Cordial

I do return, it's been awhile since my last post and it's been killing me that I haven't had a chance to sit down at the computer and type away. Missing in Action can be fun but can also be stressful, mine's been a bit of both.

So many things have been happening, we bought a new car on Sunday (which is exciting) but it's been a stress and a half organising finance, trying to make sure we can make the repayments and get the right interest rates blah blah blah - what a headache. Also today at work some of us got show a new computer system that will decrease the amount of images that need to be processed by us what they didn't tell us but we all realised is - if there is less images to process then you'll need less people to process them, so we're all unsure what's going to happen next and cause we are all temps they don't need to give us notice of leave. Plus MJ's Nan had a really bad panic attack today, which worried us all - poor thing.

Anyway on a brighter note, I had a lovely day out on Saturday with a good friend to Luna Park (a post will follow), I've tried some new and different recipes (more to follow). But I will share one with you today.

The other week I was in our local fruit shop and for only a $1.50 there was a carton of Cumquats (also spelt Kumquat), they are this sour little citrus fruits and I thought what the heck I'll make something out of that. Now I didn't want to make a jam so I hit up Google (where would we be without it) and found a lovely little recipe for Cumquat cordial syrup (click here for the recipe).

It was so simple and easy to make, took no time at all and tastes wonderful. I was worried it was going to be too sweet from the sugar but with just a little bit in the bottom of a glass and the rest water, it's the perfect balance. Plus it made up quite a bit too, 2 full bottles worth, that's going to last us awhile.

All blitzed up

Sugar syrup almost ready

2 bottles of syrup 

End product

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