Monday, 2 September 2013

A Month of Favourites!!!

Well it's the start of another month and sadly I didn't get to finish the last two weeks of a month of happy. So much went down last month that it all got so crazy and I ran out of time (sad face), but never mind life goes on as they say and so it's now the beginning of a new month and a new challenge. September is a month of favourites!!!! Yeah!!!!! I have so many favourite things, it's going to be hard to choice which ones to pick for each theme.

Please play along with me and let me know what you would choose.

Day 1 - Person

I simply can't choose one favourite person, I have so many favourite people in my life. My family is the main one, I love them all so much. MJ is my world and treasure. My kitty cat Mischa thinks she's people so she's up there.

Day 2 - Colour 

I love, love, love colour. Pastels, brights, fluros, lights, darks, you name it.

Give me every colour of the rainbow and more.

(Image found here)

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