Monday, 16 September 2013

Everyone has an opinion

Everyone has an option but it doesn't always mean it's right for that situation or should be shared. I don't mind if you disagree with me and think I'm wrong but don't stand there and judge me for my decisions based on only little bits of information. 

Today I had a few ladies share with me their opinion on house buying - now I don't mind hearing advice or getting some tips etc but don't belittle me and tell me I'm never going to save while renting, I'm too old school in thinking and should get my father to use his house as collateral (which I will never do), I should move further out west (which would take poor MJ forever to get to work) and it's not that far from things (only over an hour to get to family, when it's only 10 minutes now) and on and on and on. No matter what I said I was knocked down. It's easy for them to say all that when you have been gifted a deposit or they already own their own places that were bought over 15 years ago when things were very different to nowadays.

We are doing what is right for our family and our situation, sorry it doesn't agree with yours but you're not the one living my life, so I will take your opinion on board and filter it my way - thank you very much.

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