Friday, 20 September 2013

Everyone is different but it doesn’t make them bad

Did you know that everyone is different? That everyone likes different things?
If someone liked a different type of music to you would you hate them? Would you dislike someone if you liked pizza and they didn’t? Would you move to the other side of the room if someone said they liked green when you like blue?
The answer is no – you wouldn’t. You would respect their choice and move on; you would tolerate them even if you weren’t friends.
So why would you move to the other side of a bus cause because someone liked a different gender to you?
That’s what happened to my wonderful brother and his equally wonderful husband the other week. A man was sitting in front of them in a bus and moved to the other side because he didn’t want to sit near a gay person.
My brother and brother-in-law are people, they are not mutated nor do they spit fire, they are people, just like that guy. They breathe, eat, sleep, cry, love, laugh, bleed, feel just like that guy. The only different between them is that guy likes women romantically where they like men romantically. That doesn’t make them bad they just have a different taste for something than he does. They like strawberries and he likes pineapple – that’s all just a different taste for things in life, that doesn’t mean they deserve to be mistreated and rejected. Thankfully other people on the bus stood up and spoke back at the mean guy proving not everyone is like that and that some people don’t mind others liking different things to them.
This just doesn’t go for my brother’s situation so many people treat others disrespectfully cause of a slight difference: skin colour, gender, race, religion even if you are red head. I want everyone to know – Ultimately we all want the same thing from life to be loved and accepted. So please don’t treat others unfairly cause of a slight difference – they are human too just like you.
You can read my brother-in-law’s blog here

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