Wednesday, 25 September 2013


It's favourites times again this week, let me know what your favourite things are.
16. Writer
Melody Carlson – I find her really good, she mainly write young adult books but her adult books are just as good. I find the way she writes really gets to the heart of the subject.
17. Artist
Ken Duncan - Yes he is a photographer but that is a form of art and his photos are stunning. 
18. Word
Love because it’s so powerful in its correct meaning, it can move people in such an amazing way and achieve wonderful things.

19. House
 I love little country cottages. They are just so so pretty and make me smile. 
Country Garden House, Rural England
photo from bwph
(picture found here)
20. City
I’ll have to say Sydney because it’s my home town but I did get to see some beautiful cities overseas and I love Liverpool England and Berlin.
(photo taken by me)

21. Food
Chicken – I really enjoy chicken dishes. They are my favourite – I do love chicken curries (butter chicken, mango chicken) – oh so good.
22. Shop
Bookshops – I adore bookshops. All those beautiful covers and stories just waiting to be discovered and the smell of books is so powerful. I just want to own them all.

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