Monday, 30 September 2013

Last of the favourites

Today is the last day of a month of favourites with a new challenge starting from tomorrow.
So join me on this last one and let me know what your favourite things are.
23. Animal
Dolphins – I’m impressed with how intelligent they are, if there is animal that could eventually snap and decide to take over the world my money would be on the dolphin.
24. Drink
Orange and Mango Juice – the Woolworths Homebrand, so delicious.
25. Fruit
Mangos, I love eating them in summer, so juicy and sticky to eat.
26. Time
10am on weekends, as the day has started but there is still a full day ahead.
27. Game
I really enjoy playing monopoly deal card game. So much fun and addictive to play.
28. Quote
29. Treat
Macaroni and cheese – I’m not really meant to eat it due to the wheat but every now and then I just can’t help myself and I savour every mouthful of yummy pasta and melted cheese.
30. Thing
Notebooks, I find them so pretty and full of promise, what is going to fill their pages.
Chelsea Flowers Fabric Covered Notebook
(picture found here)

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