Friday, 6 September 2013

Luna Park City Trip

A friend and I decided to have a city adventure 2 weekends back and caught the train into Town Hall and walk over the harbour bridge to visit Luna Park.

It was a great day out with an awesome friend. I haven't walked over the Harbour Bridge in years and I've never been to Luna Park.

We wandered around the Milsons Point markets and had some lunch. I loved my salad with lemongrass chicken and rice noodles with a surprise of pork crackle on top, oh so good for only $10. My friend had something called Japanese cake or pancake,she enjoyed it.

We headed down to Luna Park for a stroll around, we didn't go on any rides as it was quite expensive but it was good to see finally.

We then headed back over the Harbour Bridge again and went through The Rocks Markets, and found a Buddhist expo set up outside the Museum of Contemporary Art. We also saw the Masterchef dining huts and food trucks. 

Then we headed up to Pitt Street Mall and the QVB building and then my friend had to head off to a NRL match so I stayed in the QVB and checked out some shops and bought myself a yummy hot chocolate and then finally headed home with very sore feet.

It was a great day out, looking forward to doing it again soon.

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