Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Theses are a few of my favourite things!!!

Hi everyone, what a glorious month September has been so far, the weather has been amazing, sure signs of a lovely summer ahead. 

I'm doing a weekly round up of the month of favourites, please let me know your favourite things.

Let's get started.

3. Flavour

My favourite flavour would have to be strawberry. I love strawberry flavoured things, fresh strawberries, chocolate dipped strawberries, strawberry milkshakes, strawberry Freddo Frogs, the limited edition strawberry Milky Ways they had out for a little bit. But at the moment I've really been enjoying blending a punnet of strawberries with 2 cups of almond milk for a yummy afternoon drink/snack. Oh my gosh it tastes awesome and only 2 ingredients.

4. Day

I love Saturdays cause work was over the day before and there is no work the next day. I find Saturdays cheery for that fact alone plus it's the day to sleep in or go out with friends or just play around the house. Saturdays are awesome.

5. Flower

I love love love love all flowers, they are so pretty and cheerful but I have a real soft spot for simple but sweet Gerbera. They look like they are just smiling at you and seem so happy to be themselves.

6. Book

I don't really have a favourite book so I'll share the book I'm reading (well actually listening to) now. I'm listening to The Hunger Games. I finished the first book yesterday and I'll be starting the second book tomorrow Catching Fire. I have found it quite an interesting read and it's very different to other types of books I've read and very unique in its own way. I'm going to hear all the books out first before watching the movies. 

7. Place

My favourite place on earth is my imagination cause anything goes in there. No matter what is happening in the real world I can create a own little world inside my head and escape away for a little bit. 

8. Magazine

I have blogged about this before but I love Nature and Health magazine, it's just so packed full of great health and natural living tips. I find it truly inspiring.


  1. Hi Sis, there you go, I didn't know we shared a love of Strawberries! My favourite too.

    1. Ha ha, wow and we've only know each other for 28 years and we still learn something new.


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