Friday, 25 October 2013

Cultural Meal gone wrong!!!

Wednesday night was meant to be a lovely "your exams/study are over for 3 months" special dinner for my husband MJ, well it turned out a little different then first planned.

I decided to cook a Moroccan dish from a recipe book I borrowed from the library called "Chicken Tagine with Apricots and CousCous".

I cooked it okay and it tasted nice but about half hour later, I was doubled over in stomach pains to the point I couldn't stand up straight and poor MJ felt really bloated and heavy (nice way to spend his first relaxing night in months).

Not sure what it could have been that made us so sick as we've eaten all those ingredients before but whatever it was didn't like me. 

Well lets just say we will not be eating that meal again anytime soon (well ever again).

Have you had any meals that have bitten you back?

(A Month of Food - No. 18 Special and No. 22 Dinner)


  1. Maybe the chicken hadn't been handled correctly before you purchased it. But, I can understand your fear of trying the recipe again too soon :)

    1. Yes my husband thought the same that maybe the chicken was a little off and that was the cause.

    2. Do you normally eat wholemeal couscous? Because that has lots of fibre in it and if you aren't used to eating that much fibre at a time it could certainly cause bloating and stomach pains. Especially when combined with the apricots.You've also got a real lot of apricots on the plate - 4 halves would actually be a serve (that is 2 whole apricots), but you have a lot more than that on the plate, and apricots are pretty high in fibre too and can make the tummy unsettled. So while it might be the chicken, it could just be too much of a good thing if you aren't used to eating that much fibre in a meal

    3. I have eaten wholemeal couscous before and been ok, but I didn't know that about apricots, that they are fibre too, that's what it would have been. Thank you for that. I didn't realise how many apricots cause they were canned ones, I'll watch out for that next time I use them.


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