Tuesday, 1 October 2013

My 1st Bloggy Birthday

Oh my gosh it’s my 1st Bloggy birthday!!!!!  

Wow, 1 year ago today I started a journey I never thought I’d start and I haven’t regretted it one bit.

I've really enjoyed it and learnt so much since my first post (see here). I've written some interesting pieces and been part of some great challenges

My readership has gone up a little, I've a got a Facebook page and just the other week I started a Twitter page. 

I'm part of two great blog Facebook groups (JustB blog school and  Blog Chicks) where I've learnt so much blogging information and found some awesome new blogs to read/learn from. n

I've been trying new recipes, new projects and I've even started to notice the small things in life more, seeing them through different eyes. 

Life has still be tough and a struggle but I've found this blog has helped me through it by getting me to focus on other things in life and even process through them by writing.

Speaking of writing, I feel that my writing skills have improved and I'm able to articulate myself a bit more and explain my point of view. 

I'm so excited to see what the next year has install for me and my blog. I'm hoping to soon have my own domain and maybe get my name out there a bit more, take it to another level. 

I made myself a nice little cheesecake to celebrate the occasion (dairy/wheat free too - post to come in a few days). So cheers everyone and here's to another year of blogging - woo hoo!!!!!!

(photo - dairy/wheat free cheesecake served with coconut milk ice-cream)