Sunday, 13 October 2013

Pizza Combo

When you think of Friday nights you think of takeaway, pizza, soft drinks, something easy for the end of the week. 

This past Friday night the A-League started with Sydney FC (our beloved team) vs Newcastle Jets. 

What better way to start the new season than watching it together with my husband MJ over homemade pizza, soft drink and ice-cream. An excellent combo. 

I love homemade pizza - we cheat a little when it comes to the base. I don't make my own but I don't use store bought ones either. So what's my little cheat then? Leb bread - it's the best - when cooked it's so crunchy and delicious plus it's so simple/quick to use. 

I loaded mine up with pizza sauce, cheese (not too much really), ham (from the deli) and cabanossi. It was so so good, nice way to end the working week and spend time with MJ. 

Plus even better Syndey FC won 2 - 0 - YEAH!!!!!!

(A Month of Food - No 6. Comfort and No 13 Combo)

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