Sunday, 10 November 2013

Buzzed by

Wow what a week!!!!!

I haven't had a chance to get near this blog, life has been going full force, so much on, working 5.5 days (overtime again - 3 weeks in a row).

Charity dinner, Melbourne Cup, work, Orchestra, Ballet, Zumba, starting a new running routine (I know I've started running - what the????). So much happening. Life's been good, and yeah I'm coping - just - but doing well.

So I'll start at the beginning.

Last Saturday night I had a charity dinner to attend - never been to one before. The food was great and the entertainment was different. We had a comedic magician - his jokes weren't the greatest but he did get you sucked in with the magic. I still can't figure out how that massive real life duck appeared out of nowhere. I did get to dress up (what is cocktail wear?) - I love my green silk dress - even more so cause it only cost my 50c from an op shop sale.

My green silk dress
Sunday I got to hear a wonderful speaker talk about her life and how she overcame such hardships and can still praise God. She was amazing, very moving. I actually cried - which shocked me as I don't cry in public at all. 

Tuesday was Melbourne Cup day - another chance to get dress up. I didn't win on the horses but I did win the lucky door prize a $120 gift voucher for the restaurant we were at, so yeah!!! The food was so good, looking forward to going back now. 

Friday night this week we went to the Australian Brandenburg Orchestra at Angel Place and Saturday night (last night) the beautiful Australian Ballet at the Opera house. Two more times to get dressed up and spend time with my wonderful husband. 

Like I said early I've started running this week. Oh my gosh - I don't run - never have. But I saw the call to try from Seven Cherbs blog - Christmas Couch to 5K - and I decided why not. I even bought myself a new pair of sneakers to encourage me - plus I did really need a new pair. I've only been able to do one training season so far as my 2nd was meant to be today but it doesn't help when it rained all day (not complaining as it's been so dry lately we haven't seen rain in weeks). 

Love the colour - even better on special too
I'm not sure if I'll get much of my month of challenge done this month but oh well we'll see. 

So much going on but that's life, some weeks fast and others slow. This week coming a little slower, coffee with a friend on Tuesday, a day off on Thursday (yeah - craft day at home) and cake decorating Christmas party on Saturday. 

What has your week been like? Fast paced? Slow? Let me know.


  1. I thought I was busy but now it feels as if time stood still for me when I see all you have crammed in. Enjoy the upcoming week :)

    1. Ha ha, thanks, hope your week is going well.


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