Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Makes you think.....

Ironically that statement makes you think. I over think things way too much, to the point where I turn something completely on it's head and create chaos. The chaos really only affects me, as the chaos is all inside my head.

The other day I got sent a lovely message, apparently I helped put a smile on someone's face without even knowing it. I was having a bad week last week and a bad weekend inside my head but by clicking like on a Facebook page and writing a comment I helped brighten someone's not so good day. Something as simple as a like button made someone smile, that bought me straight out of my own head and my own worries. I did my personal life mission (to make others smile) without even realising it. I created happiness inside sadness.

We all need to wake up and get out of our heads and stop thinking so much. Just be!!!! Just live!!!! Make others smile and you'll smile too.

Who can you make smile today?

(A month of  ' a blank canvas' my creative space -  No. 5 Happy, No. 7 Makes you think, No 23 A Creative Quote)


  1. Yes and yes! I do overthink and I do agree that it's such a waste of time. I am trying very hard to just let it all go a little and sometimes a lot. x