Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Making Lists

Lists - I'm such a list person - are you?

I'd be lost without some kind of note, list, notebook and don't get me started on how much I rely on my diary. I like to be organised and I hate forgetting things.

If you came to my house, you would find post-it notes, shopping lists, to-do lists everywhere.

I've got notebooks for journaling, blogging ideas, grateful diary, family medical history notebook, foods I can eat, recipe notes/reviews, notes from sermons at church and some full of just random thoughts like what would I spend a $20 million on.

Notebooks and lists help free my mind of clutter for a little while and then it just fills up with more but it does help keep a track of all the randomness that goes on.

Do you have notebooks? Are there to-do-list everywhere in your house?

(A month of "a blank canvas" No. 2 Make lists and No. 3 Notebook)


  1. I never make lists, I hold the the thoughts in my head ( until I realise they have gone before they were used lol) My husband is the list maker. He writes a list of chores every weekend. Sometimes my daughter and I annoy him when he gets to the end of his list z(dutifully ticked off each completed task) to see some obscure chore added by us in mimic style of his handwriting ...naughty but funny

    1. Ha ha ha, I'll have to use that trick good idea. ha ha :)


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