Monday, 30 December 2013

A week of Christmas!!!!

Well Christmas is finally over in our household.  We had our 4th and final Christmas event on Saturday.
I love Christmas but after 5 events (including my birthday) in one week; you just want it over by the end of the week.
It was a great week, filled with family, yummy food, Skyping with my brother and of course presents. I got some lovely gifts this week. Money for new saucepans, gift voucher to my favourite cake decorating store, mad hatter topsy turvy 3 tier cake tin, vegan cookie book, teenage mutant ninja turtle socks, spa voucher (for a facial, hand/arm massage, nail file and paint), cookie cutter set (from my cute little niece and nephew), lovely glass patter and I'm still waiting on something small from my husband MJ as they didn't arrive in time from the post.
We had so much yummy food, I got to make this week our traditional yearly cookie tree, sweet and salty crunchy nut bar, my usual pasta salad (3 times for different events) and I tried out something very new – White Chocolate and Raspberry Trifle. It tasted so good, I wanted to try it out cause it had 3 elements I've never done before in it: Making jelly from scratch, ganache and mascarpone cream, plus I've never made a trifle before.  The recipe was so easy to follow – got to love Donna Hay recipes (online here). I've been told I'm might be requested to make it again someday.

Christmas Day was raining but that didn't stop us enjoying the day. Church was great in the morning, having all MJ’s family together was fantastic. Back at MJ’s aunty’s place, we played Apples to Apples and Simpsons Jeopardy. We also got to introduce Christmas to my brother-in-law’s girlfriend as they don’t celebrate Christmas in that part of China she is from.
My family Christmas on the 22nd and Boxing Day and the extended family on the 28th were spent in the pool with my niece and nephew. MJ taught my 4 year old nephew how to do flips into the pool and got to splash around with my almost 2 year old niece, while their mummy and daddy got to rest and relax.
I love catching up with family and seeing people you don’t see often and having a good ol laugh. Christmas can bring the best and worst out in people thankfully we only saw the good (except for one person but we won’t go there).
So another Christmas is over and a new year is only 2 sleeps away.

How did your Christmas go? Did some nice presents? Have a nice time with friends and family?  

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