Tuesday, 3 December 2013

He won't be coming home tonight

This is a sad post, so if you don't want to be sad please stop reading now.

Today in Sydney there was a terrible car accident, one dead and many injured. The driver of the truck involved died at the scene. He won't be coming home tonight, he won't eat dinner with his family, he won't kiss his kids or wife goodnight or say "I love you" again. He's gone, no Christmas, no New Years, no birthdays or future trips. His journey is over, but his love ones is just starting.

It's tragic that life can end like that, in an instant, you don't know it's coming. Zac Young didn't know that day of surfing would be his last.

It really makes you think, what's important? what's my goal in life? do the ones I love know I love them?

Tonight I'll go to sleep praying for all those families affected by these tragic events this week and I'll make sure to tell my husband I love him and hold him that little bit tighter, cause we never know when the end will be.

So go and live life, take it, mould it, dance in it, experience it, love others, so when the end does arrive you know you did your best.

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