Friday, 13 December 2013

Peppermint Bark

I love Christmas time, it's full of different recipes and treats that you don't have any other time of the year, there are also more no bake recipes too.

I follow a great blog called Retro Mummy and she posted a great little recipe for Peppermint bark (check it out here).

I decided to give it a go as a little Christmas present for some friends of mine. After somehow cooking the first batch of melted chocolate and having to reopen and remelt another packet. I was impressed, so were my friends (yeah - thankfully).

The recipe is so easy and you don't need an oven to make it either. So yummy and so simple - just the way I like it.


  1. That looks great and would be delicious. I have never heard of it before I must add. Also, I have nominated you for the dragon loyalty award . Hope you gave some fun with it :)

    1. Oh wow, thank you very much for that, that's so sweet of you. I love reading your blog and getting a glimpse into your journey of life.


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