Friday, 24 January 2014

Do Tastes Change?

Do your tastes change?

Mine certainly have over the years.

Growing up the only sport I would watch was the Olympics. Now I love the cricket, soccer and still love the Olympics. I even go and pay to watch cricket and soccer.

I use to love chocolate crackles at birthdays as a kid. Now as an adult I find them gag worthy and oh so gross to eat. I loved so many lollies and now I find them so sugary and can't stand them. There are some I do still love (red frogs anyone?)

I was never into Star Trek, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, fantasy like that, now I love them. My husband even bought me a Klingon t-shirt and Spock oven mitt for Christmas.

I can carry a conversation about sport and Star Trek very easily. I can quote Simpsons lines with the best of them (we weren't allowed to watch The Simpsons as kids, that changed when I met MJ).

Tastes in food, music, books and tv shows have all changed and some have stayed the same.

Clothes has been the biggest changer over the years. I won't mention my vest phase, my belt phase, my crazy sock phase (which I do still do a little bit), my only boys clothes phase, my hat phase, my hair accessory phase, the list goes on and on. I hated dresses in high school, only a few years later and I fell in love with them and still have this love affair today.

I love that as humans we change and evolve, our likes and dislikes go up and down, round and round, we can like something one day and not appreciate it the next. We have freedom to pick and choose what we want to eat, read, watch, wear, listen to, enjoy. It's amazing we can do that, we can change our minds, drop something and pick it up again. It's all part of being human and having our own minds, it's truly astounding. 

Have your tastes changed? Let me know, please leave me a comment.

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Sunday, 5 January 2014

You're too healthy

“You’re too skinny” “You’re too healthy” “Don’t you ever eat anything unhealthy” “Eat that chocolate you can afford to put the weight on” “It’s unfair that you’re that skinny” “Wait till you have kids, then you won’t be so skinny”
I hear these words a lot, more so in the last 2 years. It’s very different to hear them compared to what I heard growing up
“You’re so fat and ugly” “You'll never get a boyfriend cause you too fat” “You’re fat” “You'll never be pretty while you’re that size” 
I heard that ever since I was started school when I was 5. It took until 2011 when I was 26 for it change around.
I'll get something clear here – I've never been fat. I look back at photos of myself and I wasn't fat. Yes I did in late high school have a few extra kilos on me at one point but I wasn't what you call fat. I always thought I was fat, cause society, peers, media, clothing sizes said I was, even my doctor told me not to gain any more than 2 kilos as I’d be in the unhealthy weight range (stupid BMI).
I'm not sure what caused the change around and why it went from you’re too fat to you’re too skinny. I have lost some weight over that past few years but that’s due to getting serious with my health and eating right, plus being true to my sensitivities – wheat-free, dairy-free and my hypoglycaemiaI still have a long way to go with being healthy, I still have my moments and I need some more work but I am proud of how far I have come and how I won’t let others change my way of eating.
I'll be honest I use to let what people said affect my eating. I would sometimes (still occasionally do) indulge but then have to live with the sugar headaches or stomach pains afterwards and it just wasn't worth it or I’d skip meals to try and be called skinny but then I’d pass out cause my blood sugar level dropped too low.  I’d punish my body so it would be what everyone wanted my body to be. Only thing is what did I want my body to be? It’s taken most of my life to be content with my figure, I still need to work on eating the right amount of food (I really don’t eat enough) but I want my body to healthy and fit cause I'm the one that has to live in this body no one else.
You can’t win in today’s world. You’re hated for being fat and you’re hated for being skinny. Being “skinny” or “fat” doesn't matter what matters is you’re healthy. Healthy can come in all shapes and sizes, we are all different body types, heights, bone sets etc. You could weight 70 kgs and be healthy or you could weight 70 kgs and be unhealthy, it depends on your body type, your bone structure, your height, your background, so many different things. I remember in year 7 we had to weight ourselves in PE and everyone got to see how much you weighed. I was one of the heaviest at 55 kgs so you can imagine how that went down at an all girls school, it was hell. I wasn't fat, I was tall.
Being healthy is not a crime, yes others may make you feel like it is, others may try to sabotage you, they might even tell you off and say you’re doing it to make them look bad. But don’t let that stop you from being healthy, from eating healthy foods, from exercising, from having the occasional treat (or healthy treat) because at the end of the day it’s your body and you have to live with it not them. I once had a wise lady say to me “They aren't angry at you, they are angry at themselves, they just taking it out on you”. It’s good advice, not just with this situation but all situations, most people lash out at you cause they are angry with themselves  and you are an easy target.  
So keep working hard at being healthy and being active – it’s your life to live – enjoy it. I'll support you!!!!
Have you ever had this or something similar happen to you? Let me know, leave me a comment down below.
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