Wednesday, 8 January 2014

2 more crossed off the list

Thanks to some Christmas money/birthday money last month I am now able to tick off 2 items from my 101 list.
No 79. Buy a good set of saucepans.
Victoria’s Basement had a great special on a 10 piece Scanpan Stainless Steel cookware set for only $299 and since we had money leftover we were able to purchase ourselves a new Scanpan knife block set and Scanpan steak knife set.
Image source here 

Our first dish we cooked using the new set was – Haloumi, Asparagus & Roasted Tomato Salad

No 18. Start a vege garden

Thanks to MJ’s birthday presents of a greenhouse and vegs, I wanted to get some more. We still had a little leftover money so we went to Bunnings and bought another greenhouse and more vegs. I'm so looking forward to watching them grow and getting to taste my own produce.
Does anyone else have a vege patch? If so do you have any helpful tips to share? 


  1. Those pots pans and knives look like they will set you up well for some serious cooking! The salad looks so inviting with its variations of colour. I love salads. I have never grown vegetables but I would like a little herb garden.

    1. They certainly have set me up, they are fantastic, so smooth to cut with. Salads are the best. I'm hoping to grow some herbs too.

  2. Some great finds there, doesnt it feel good to do a little post Christmas sale shopping!


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