Thursday, 16 January 2014

When Friendships go Sour?

Friends mean so much to us all, they help get us through tough times, fun times, all sorts of times. They make us laugh, they make us cry, they make us smile and make us get up to some silly things. Friends are great to have around; they help us through life and make life far more interesting. But what do you do when a friendship goes sour? How do you cope?
It’s a hard thing to deal with when a good friendship turns sour, in our case it was several friendships at once, friends of many years and many fun adventures. I won’t go into details as this isn't the place.
The whole ordeal affected my health, my relationship with my husband and my relationships with others.  In the end I had to step back and walk away, as it was damaging my health and well-being way too much. I was depressed and I was obsessed. I kept running scenes over and over in my head trying to figure out hidden meanings, or what something meant or things I should have said/not said. It wasn't mentally healthy at all. 
It was hard to make that final decision to walk away and it took a few years to do it. I'll never get to say my side of the story or say sorry for anything I might have said/done but I'll just have to learn to live with that and move on with my life while they move on with theirs.
It’s heartbreaking to lose a good friend let alone several good friends at once but I don’t regret knowing them. I will always treasure the memories of the fun times and talks we had. I'll always treasure having had them in my life for all those years. I wouldn't change that for the world as I'm grateful for the parts they have played and lessons/wisdom they have taught me. I wish I could tell them all this and maybe I will one day I'll get the chance.
I think everyone handles loss in their own way and there isn't really a right or wrong way as long you stay true to yourselves and don't change who you are. It’s been an interesting process to go through, one with lots of learning and lots of patience (or lack thereof). I wish my friends all the blessings in the world and more. 
Have you ever had a friendship go sour? How did you handle it?
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