Friday, 14 March 2014

Rhino Hunting

I'm going on a Rhino hunt, I'm going on a Rhino hunt, I'm not scared, I'm not scared, I'm going to catch a big one (ha ha)

Yesterday I decided to take a little trip into the city to search for the Taronga Zoo Rhinos that are hidden throughout the city of Sydney.

I had my trail map and my walking track all planned out. It was beautiful day yesterday and I hopped off the train at Central station to capture my first rhino - only problem it wasn't there. So I headed to the next location - again the rhino was missing. By this stage I was starting to wonder what was going on as the trail map showed the location and so did the App but no rhino was to be found.

Feeling disappointed I messaged my husband my dilemma, he messaged back saying "check the website" - so I looked up Taronga Zoo's website to find out that over 20 had been taken away for maintenance. Oh man, that didn't leave me many to find.

I did manage to find 3 rhinos around Darling Harbour, feeling a little disappointed I went into Harbourside Shopping Centre for the bathroom and wandered pass a Typo store. Note to self, never go into a Typo store when you are feeling down and disappointed as you will buy things. Buy things I did.

After my Typo spending I made tracks for The Star as the website did say that 3 rhinos should be there. Well I got to The Star to find no rhinos (not happy) but I did find the Adriano Zumbo patisserie. I've always wanted to try one of his macarons so I finally got to have a taste. I bought Salted Buttered Popcorn and wow it really did taste like popcorn plus it came in its own cute little box.

After sitting in the park outside The Star to eat some lunch I headed over to King Street Wharf and thankfully found that rhino. Found the one at Pitt Street and then took a long walk down to Liverpool street passing Kings Comics on the way (found an awesome Star Trek silicone tray while there) only to find that one was missing too - even though the website said it was there.

Starting to get really frustrated by now I walked up to Hyde Park (my legs were not liking me by this stage) and yeah success that rhino was there. I looked at my map and there were only 8 left to find but it was about 2:30 by this stage and I wanted to catch the train before peak hour so I made the decision to only look for 3 more and only 2 of those could be found.

Yes I didn't find all the rhinos I had set out to find, yes I did get frustrated and annoyed that so many were taken away for maintenance at once BUT I did still have a great time in the city.

I didn't have to be anywhere, do anything, no responsibility for the day. I got to wander at my own pace, in my own little world. I got to eat yummy macaron, see people play soccer and do personal training, I got see parts of the city I've never seen before.

My day didn't go as planned but it was still a whole deal of fun.

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  1. I love Typo! It's not often I come out of there empty handed. :) Your rhino hunting day sounded carefree and wonderful.



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